Parkville Manor

Everything you do, or don't do - sparks a conversation.

When it comes to seniors and their children talking about 'retirement living' or 'independent senior living', most conflicts or misunderstandings stem from the fact that you care. Often we make assumptions, or we go out of our way to express our true fears and avoid uncomfortable situations. Our role in challenging any pre-existing negative perceptions about 'the senior housing experience' is to create conversations that inspire clarity and confidence.

The truth? Most of the challenges we face are the result of unknowns.

Productive and open communication begins when you nurture a culture of understanding between staff, senior residents and family. Children want what's best for their parents, and seniors don't want to sit on the sidelines and have decisions made on their behalf.

Inspiring confidence requires collaboration and trust. It gives people the opportunity to explore new ideas, contribute and play a key role in the decision making process. That's what we want everyone who works and lives here to experience.

And it all starts by creating conversations.
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