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Terry Verbeke



Freedom has always been important to me.

Life is about belief and attitude. Exposing myself to new challenges, and finding a way to inspire independence has defined me for as long as I can remember.

My parents taught me that life was an adventure. My father taught me how to work hard for what I wanted. My mother taught me how to laugh and enjoy family and friends.

It's because of them, that I refuse to grow old. For me the destination isn't the goal, it's about enjoying the journey. Stopping to smell the roses! It doesn't matter if I'm hiking, sailing, or riding – the spirit of freedom and adventure makes it all worthwhile.

Parkville Manor is full of people who enjoy everyday. I admire and respect the mindset of the Underage Senior. The ones who have experiences to share, like to laugh and still find ways to live life to its fullest, the ones who understand that life is an adventure.


Terry Verbeke

Director of Operations


I don't see old. I see equal.

Growing up my brother and I went to the lake with my grandfather on a regular basis to go fishing. My grandfather was my hero. He was extremely fit, intelligent, handsome, an inventor, a great cook, funny and loved to laugh.

He inspired me to never stop learning and always dream big. Everyday I see elements of his character shining in the people who work and live at Parkville Manor.

Those who know me will tell you that I love to laugh and have fun – always have. My philosophy? Make it your goal to surround yourself with people who think young, and life will always be interesting.

I've held a variety of jobs during my career. Enough to know that it's different here, it's not about a punching a clock – we're family. We've got each other's back, and never pass up the opportunity for an honest chat or belly laugh.

Like I said, I don't see "old" at Parkville Manor – I just see great people.

Michèle Pelletier
Michèle Pelletier
Mitchell Mingie

Director of Sales & Marketing


Graduate of Ryerson University, Hospitality & Tourism Management program and was hired by Four Seasons Hotels after graduating as Concierge. After two years, I moved to Holiday Inns International where I was the Chief Concierge and was awarded by 'Les Clefs d'Or. (Crossed Golden Keys on each lapel).

I worked with Delta Hotels(Canada) and The Imperial Hotel in Torquay England as the Liaison between the owner and Trusthouse Forte who was buying the hotel at the time.

Moved to Vancouver in early 1990's and worked at Wedgewood Hotel for a year before getting my Real Estate/Sub Mortgage Brokers License from UBC Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, where I worked for Dexter Properties and Re/Max specializing with seniors and Strata Properties. During the Leaky Condo Crisis, I was asked to be on the 5-member International Panel on Leaky Condos Forum held at Vancouver Convention Centre in front of 1,000’s of concern citizens.

I joined a 5-star senior residence in West Vancouver as part of the opening management team as Ambassador/Concierge for the company.

After leaving I opened a small private company dealing solely with seniors on a "One to One" basis. At the same time, I joined CARP as Director of Membership & Community. A year later was asked to be Chair of the Board for Vancouver.

Over the years, I have developed a passion for working with seniors and anyone who has ever worked with me tells me that it is the most natural ability that they have ever seen. I am known for my passion, energy, trust and ability to lift the spirits of everyone I work with. I come to work with more energy than a group of people put together so I have been told. I will always go out of my way to help a resident out and I love getting to know each one. I have seen my abilities transform residents to a shadow of their former self and see life with new eyes. My philosophy is simple and clear. It comes from a song from Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings". Everything I do has to lift the spirits of those around me.

I have seen firsthand the massive life altering changes a community can have on an individual or couple. Meet with me for a tour, a lunch and you too will see, feel the difference I can make to your life and to your family's life. That is my promise to you.

Mitchell Mingie

Director of Occupancy & Fun


I was born in England and came to Canada as a young child and at one point our whole family returned to England and lived in the beautiful city of Bristol where my father obtained his degree in Epidemiology at the university of Bristol. I will be forever grateful for that experience as it brought me a lot closer to my grandparents as they lived there and I had the chance to get to know them. My grandmother lived in Keighley in Yorkshire right on the edge of the Moors and very close to where the Bronte sisters were born and of course Emily Bronte wrote Wuthering Heights, so as a young girl I was thrilled to explore that area and boy did I get into trouble! I forgot to tell my grandmother that I was going out on the moors, when I came back she was so distraught as the moors can be quite dangerous, but of course as a young person I felt invincible. She made me realize that I had responsibilities even as a child to make sure I told people where I was going and what I was doing, it was a fascinating place to be in her old rambling house, in each room there was a fireplace that had to be lit and not for ambience but for basic warmth and coming from Canada this was all new to me, I was used to central heating, even her hot water bottles were made of stone! My grandparents all had fascinating stories to tell in fact I sometimes felt as if I were in a time machine and I had gone back to simpler times and now many years later I often feel that very same way at Parkville Manor, the residents here have made an impact on me with some of their stories about their lives and experiences.

Ruth Hayden
Ruth Hayden
Roger Johnston

Executive Chef


As I chop, whisk, steam, and grill, I think of our residents and thoroughly enjoy the thought of preparing meals that delight. I may be in the kitchen most of the time, but it's my belief that to create an experience for the palate you have to get to know the people you are cooking for.

Working in restaurants didn't afford an opportunity to meet the people I served and see their faces after a meal. Parkville allows me to build relationships. I get to cook for people that I care about.

I appreciate being around 'underage seniors' because THEY keep me young. They bring a smile to my face and I appreciate their feedback – especially the fussy ones with five-star expectations.

Bottom line – I love older people and I am proud of doing this job. To know that I am making a difference makes all the difference – especially on Flambé nights.

Roger Johnston

President of the Welcome Committee


She was born on a small, family-run hobby farm in Abbotsford BC called Ranch on Ranch. The household consists of 2 parents, 2 sons, 10 dogs (only a few for breeding the rest are just part of the family), two cats, three horses, llama and 50 laying hens all on 10 acres. This family run hobby farm prides itself on their commitment to the health and care of all their animals. As they put it "Our animals are an important part of our family. We strive to ensure their needs are met physically, mentally and emotionally".

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